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when you lose? chicago firefighters mourn the death of one of their own. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's tonya francisco is in the beverly neighborhood with our top story. >> the fall one firefighter has been identified as walter patmon. >> firefighters that i spoke to today have used one phrase over and over again to describe him. that was easy going. they said
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he was a great guy who is a father figure who will be missed. >> a call to duty as fellow firefighters hang a purple bunting and engine company 121 in honor of the fall and firefighter. falle filen fighter. >>he has been bubble since grammar school. >> the retired captain said he talked him into joining the fire department in 1994. >> he told him that there are no layoffs and you will always have a good job. you serve the public >> he was a super dude. he had a nice demeanor. in the morning you see him and he would have something nice to say. >> if you knew he was working
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you knew you are going to have a good day. >> he was known for his cooking. >> it was the best. he brought barbeque to a science. >>he had his own dry rub. >> he died sunday night after returning to the fire house. he said he fell short of breath and was rushed to the hospital. on the way he went into cardiac arrest and later died. his death comes days after the department later another longtime firefighters to rest. >> it is very difficult. we are a family. the last time i spoke to him was coming from capt. johnson's funeral. >> he never complained. he just did his job and did it well.
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>> he is being honored by the fire department and city of chicago by lowering the flexto half stafflags to half staff. he is survived by his wife of many years. three adult daughters. chicago's 9-1-1 center is getting a 31-million dollar upgrade.the funding comes after being stalled by contract irregularities. it's being used to fix potential problems on the operations floor. dispatchers and call takers spoke of several problems including: dropped 9-1-1 calls, a new answering system that called for more manpower and computers that no longer allowed call takers to monitor radio communications at fire scenes. chicago city officials admit
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city employees secretly recorded phone conversations involving chicago tribune reporters. that's a felony. most recently, a tribune reporter was recorded questioning a city official about mayor emanuel's speed- camera program. city officials say they've since notified their employees to get permission first. school is in session in west suburban geneva after a last- minute deal narrowly averts a strike that was scheduled to begin today. the school board and the teachers union agreed on a new three-year contract shortly after midnight. few details are available but school board officials say the teachers union has agreed to a one-year pay freeze. teachers will vote on the agreement wednesday. the chicago teachers union parents and community groups are using the veteran's day holiday to march against the school board over proposed school closings. wgn's judy wang is live downtown with details. after the teachers' strike ended in september the union president predicted that school closings would be the next big fight. the fight is under way. even though there is no list of schools to
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be closed yet. that list might not come out for several more months. >> several labor and community groups participated in the protest. they call their movement stand-up chicago. they staged a sit-in inside of the mayor's office november 2nd. police arrested 10 of them for trespassing. i have dealt with failing schools by closing them or replacing the faculty and staff. protesters argue that this tends to hurt lower-income minority students. protestors are blasting the use of public dollars for private run charter schools. they have to make public a list of schools that want to close by december 1st. the school chief last the general assembly to extend that to march 31st. she said she
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wants to give it the new commission time to communicate with people who are going to be impacted. >> we are afraid that this is an attempt to be able to delay and not have to tell us until the end of the school year. that is not an acceptable way to make a school policy. >> this seem like it would close them all the way around the city and not just in certain areas. >> the protesters marched to a hotel. they say they're doing
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that because they say the high company received a tip dollars. money that the city could use to keep schools open. a new "healthy snack and beverage" policy being considered by chicago public schools would ban the sale of sports drinks, soda and even whole milk. the "sun-times" reports that under the plan. snacks and drinks would have to meet very specific calorie, fat and sodium guidelines. the policy also aims to limit unhealthy snacks used for school fundraisers and classroom celebrations. instead non-food rewards will be encouraged. the school board is expected to vote on the policy this week. secretary of state jesse jackson served as the grand marshall for the eighty-sixth annual vetrans day parade.
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the south side parade kicked off at forty-third and king drive this morning and ended with a special ceremony at victory monument. the parade will also recognize the momford point marines who were recently awarded the congressional gold medal. event organizers will be providing a lunch for homeless vets at mother price's feed clothe, and help the needy center at 2 o'clock. chicagoans are showing their appreciation in honor of veterans day -wgn's ana beleval has more from union hall, where people are assembling care packages and writing notes to the military. can lend a hand to honor veterans. i am here her with the franks space. started a beautiful foundation on behalf of their marine soldiers. what is going on behind us? >> we have a tremendous group of volunteers for giving up their day off to assemble care packages. they're going to assemble over a thousand care packages. >> i know that you mentor these people on the importance of sending these packages.
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>> we have fine-tuned what it is that they like and want. after doing that we can put together a really special package for them. things that they love when they open it. it is a taste of home. it reminds them that people love them and are thinking about them. that is what it is all about. letting them know that they're cared about. >> why did you start this foundation? >> our son had an incredible history of caring for people. he introduced his newly graduated marines to us and told us that these were his brothers therefore they were all our sons. we remember that and after we lost him we said we have to take care of our children. >> i have to remember that it is still going on. >> until the last one comes home
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is still going on. >> because they are there, we will be here. there are going to be a lot of wounded. they need us as well. >>come on by. they have an appreciation station where you can send a letter to a soldier. it is fantastic to see how this event has grown. that pales in comparison. it has doubled in size. coming up next. a successful career comes to an abrupt end for david petraeus. more fallout after news of his extramarital affair. plus also ahead, the man known as the voice of elmo leaves his job because of a scandal at sesame street. and it's been two weeks since hurricane sandy devastated parts of the east coast. the latest on how residents are trying to recover.
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congressional leaders want to know more about the f-b-i investigation that led to the sudden resignation of c-i-a director david petraeus. he stepped down last friday after an f-b-i investigation uncovered evidence of an extra- marital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. a friend and former top aid to petraeus says the affair began in 20-11. two months after he became c-i-a director.
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sources say the fbi had been investigating broadwell for allegedly sending harassing e- mails to another woman, who was close to petraeus. lawmakers, like senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein, say they should have known about the probe and she plans to investigate the f-b-i. also this week congressional hearings begin on the deadly consulate attack in benghazi. the man known as the voice of elmo is taking a leave of absence from sesame street. after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16- year-old boy. "t-m-z" online reports kevin clash admits he had a relationship with the young man seven years ago but says it was after the accuser was an adult. attorneys for the accuser claim sesame workshop lawyers tried to cover up the case. sesame workshop officials say the accuser did not provide evidence to support his claim. however it's not clear why clash took a leave of absence from work. two key executives at the british broadcasting corporation are "stepping aside" in the latest fallout over a false sex abuse report.
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the b-b-c is reporting that its director of news and her deputy have been asked to surrender all their responsibilities pending an internal review. it follows the resignation of the company's director-general. a report on the b-b-c's flagship current affairs program "newsnight" wrongly accused a former politician of child abuse. two weeks after hurricane sandy and some people along the east coast are still struggling. it's especially hard for those who are homebound. ivy cureton last left her seventh floor apartment two weeks ago. she's in a wheelchair after suffering a stroke. and with no electricity in the building, she relies on her children to help with things like taking out the garbage. a man who died falling down the stairs in this neighborhood in queens raised the death toll to 113. in ten states, 160-thousand customers still have no electricity. residents were allowed back into some neighborhoods this weekend. but there is a ray of hope. some tunnels and rail lines are reopening in new york and new jersey. venice is dealing with some serious flooding issues, after days of heavy rain. residents and tourists are trying to cope with waist-deep water. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. sea levels reached five-feet above normal, but are starting to recede.
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this marks the sixth-highest level since records began in 18- 72. the storm system is now moving to the center of the country. it's set to hit rome and city officials are on alert. the u-s is set to be the top oil producer by 20-20 a new forecast by the international energy agency says the united states will overtake saudi arabia to become the number one producer of oil. the u-s increased crude oil production by 14 percent from 2008 to 2011. the u-s currently imports twenty percent of its energy needs. the report also says the u-s will be completely energy independant in 10 years. judy garland's iconic blue and white dress from the 19-39 classic film the wizard of oz, has sold for 480-thousand dollars at auction. in beverly hills. the dress was the highest priced item during the two-day auction. also sold a steve mcqueen racing jacket for 50 thousand dollars, julie andrews' sound of music dress sold for 38- thousand. a piece of prince william and
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kate middleton's wedding cake went for 75-hundred dollars. just ahead when the new blackberry is set to be released. and, still to come this midday: if you're torn about when to fly home for the holidays. we'll tell you if thanksgiving or christmas flights are cheaper. and later in lunchbreak: expert tips for the perfect holiday turkey this season! [ "don't you worry 'bout a thing" plays ] stop! stop! stop! come back
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úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú the number of americans on food stamps is now at a record high. more than 47 million americans receive them as jobless levels remains stubbornly high. if you
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are torn between visiting her family on thanksgiving or christmas, you may be better off traveling for thanksgiving. the average price for a round trip is about the same as a year ago. flying home around christmas and new year's eve will cost 3% more than it did last year. they are counting on the latest gadget. they want to leave theirhave struggled to keep pace with apple and google. two versions of this design. one with a touch screen and the other with a keyboard. it is set for january 30th. the latest james bond film has been a big hit at the box office. raking in nearly 88 million during its opening week. a record for the franchise. stocks actually are
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trading up just a little bit right now. this has = the c-t-a is launching a new type of bus service today. this is the jeffrey jump bus and it runs from 103rd street, to union station and the ogilvie transportation center downtown. during rush hour the jeffrey jump buses will travel part of the route in bus-only lanes. the c-t-a says the new service will help cut commuting times by five to seven minutes and give riders a "jump start" on their morning and evening trips. next lllinois lottery superintendent michael jones joins us to talk about the veterans cash instant lottery ticket. and just ahead, an ugly night for the bears we're breaking down the game and getting the latest on jay cutler's concussion. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn
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ticket. >> when you see this takenticket you can win up to $20,000 instantly. if you do not win, 60¢ out of every ticket goes to programs that benefit veterans around the state. >> if we sell out we will bring in $900,000. we have generated over $10 million for these causes. we kick this off just last week with the governor and the director of veterans affairs. it teaches people who are sight impaired to have a trade. a number of those people are veterans.
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>> it is an interesting idea. you're telling me that it brings new players into the lottery. i think a lot of people did not understand the basis of the lottery. the whole reason we are in existence is to raise money for good causes. in this specific instance. it is a very good way to teach people that that is what the lottery is all about. >> can you name some of the organizations that will benefit >> if you go to our web site you will see specifically where every dollar that we generated has gone.
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>> i like the idea. i like the idea that it will bring in people who do not normally play the lottery. and is a wonderful idea. everybody has a direct relationship with this kind of game. it is a fantastic thing. michael jones, thanks so much for joining us. veterans cash instant lottery ticket is on sale now. all proceeds go to support our military veterans and their families. to learn more go to illinois lottery dot com. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast!
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now it feels like november. >> it was like late summer yesterday and here we are so much cooler today. our low temperature was the coolest temperature since march 5th. eight months ago. we have some lawfully chilly temperatures around the area. >> a couple little fairweather cumulus clouds trying to develop. a couple of these clouds may yield a snow flurries. the nearest rain we see is out to the last of us. a couple of snow flurries. what a
12:31 pm
temperature drop. down 27 degrees from 24 hours ago. it covers a good part of the nation's heartland. as you look out over the next two weeks, you are struck by the fact that this is not been overwhelmingly cold pattern. the upper wind will blow from west to east. we do not see any major article break. this one is probably about as healthy cool air pushes we're going to see. temperatures are cooler. we have not had temperatures like this and
12:32 pm
swayback last spring. this last spring. the big story is not the rain. it is the cool temperatures and wind. valparaiso only 31 right now. 33 at lincoln park at this hour. 34 pat chester senton and that. there is our beautiful skyline. this has been a 41 degree temperature plunged. what we have undergone from yesterday's
12:33 pm
70. that follows a sunday that was the warmest and 18 days. the area was blasted by high winds. nearly 70 mi. per hour. look at these 50 plus m.p.h. cross. gust. it looks very moderate by november standards. about 3.3 degrees below normal. we start above normal. this is a pattern that turned mild. the cool off after october 25th and until this weekend it has been in very cold three week run. to the west
12:34 pm
skies are fairly clear. and this is where the rain is. we did get a switch over to snow in some parts of the metro area. none of it was officially observed. here's lookinga look. these are the correct 12 noon temperatures. the strong wind is going to let up tonight. they give you an idea of where temperatures will go as the night goes on. the wind will
12:35 pm
stay strong throughout the evening. during the day the wind gusts down to single digits. this looks like an el nino pattern. this is the kind of pattern that you tend to see in the winters. there is the high pressure exiting the area. we will have so there \ \southerly winds. a very quiet week on the weather front. no hurricanes, no nor'easters. partly sunny windy and cold today. a couple of snow flurries and a hit and the
12:36 pm
northern suburbs. time for today's trivia. in the total of all wars including the american revolution, war of 1812, indian wars, mexican war, civil war spanish american,ww1,ww2, korea, vietnam and the gulf war approximately how many americans served?
12:37 pm
a. 52 million b. 42 million c. 35 million the answer still to come this midday!
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[ female announcer ] he could be your soul mate. but first you've got to get him to say hello. new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. time for sports. jay cutler was knocked out of the sunday night football game with a concussion, and it's unclear if he'll return next week. bears hosting the texans on a rainy veteran's day.
12:40 pm
the offense struggled early.. cutler overthrows his target in the first, and former bear danielle manning gets the interception. bears down ten to three in the second when cutler steps up in the pocket and gets drilled by line-backer tim dobbins. cutler went down briefly but stayed in the game. a few plays later, cutler throws to brandon marshall in double coverage and gets picked off for the second time. he was diagnosed with a concussion and did not return in the second half. bears lose 13-6, to snap a six- game winning streak. no symptoms until the half. i just know that he could not: to the football game. it is a loss. we have to go from there. we were beaten by a good football team. it is one game. a
12:41 pm
divisional battle between the vikings and lions. minnesota leads by a touchdown in the fourth. adrian peterson gets the corner and goes 61 yards for a touchdown. he had 171 rushing yards to break a thousand for the season. the vikings win 34-24 to secure third place. the packers had a bye, and remain in second. kirk hinrich is likely out for the bulls against the celtics tonight. he strained his right hip against the timberwolves on satruday, and is listed as day- to- day. nate robinson will get the start, and rookie marcus teague could see more playing time. the bulls have beaten the celtics five times in a row at home. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >>good afternoon everyone. >>winning pick 3 numbers.
12:42 pm
3,9,3 . winning pick 4 numbers 0,7,4,4
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exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity. researchers at yale university placed cell phones on top of cages housing pregnant mice. half the cell phones were active. the other half were turned off, with no signal transmitted. after the mce gave birth their offspring were tested. those exposed to cell phone radiation were more active and their memory was slightly decreased. the researchers are urging pregnant women to be cautious and hold cell phones away from the body. influenza during pregnancy is linked to a higher risk of autism among children. researchers studied rates of autism and other developmental disorders among nearly 97 thousand children born in denmark from 1997 to 2003. they report, children whose mothers had the flu while expecting were at double the risk of being diagnosed with autism before their third birthday. the risk was three times higher among children whose mothers had flu-based fevers for seven days or more during pregnancy. baby girls exposed to stress are more likely to suffer mental health issues like depression
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and anxiety as teenagers. researchers report girls raised by mothers with depression, relationship troubles or financial difficulties were more likely to have higher levels of the stress hormone "cortisol" in their blood as toddlers. and by the time they were teenagers, there was a marked difference from other girls in their brain development. affecting two areas of the brain that regulate emotions. the researchers say boys are not affected. two liver cancer patients in the u-k are doing well.. after receiving a new type of treatment called a chemo bath. the treatment targets only the cancerous organ by inflating balloons on either side to isolate it. the drugs were pumped into the patients' livers, then filtered out before the liver was reconnected to the main blood supply. so only a fraction of the dose ended up in the body.
12:48 pm
in coneventional chemotherapy, drugs that kills cancer cells can also attack healthy parts of the body. causing side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, and fertility damage. lunchbreak is next. expert tips on how to make the best turkey this holiday season. [ "don't you worry 'bout a thing" plays ] stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional
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in today's "lunchbreak". it's one of the top meat markets in the nation. dave zier is the owner of zier's prime meats is back with us today.. to show us how to create the best holiday turkey this season. thanks for coming in.
12:51 pm
they raised right here in illinois. just outside of laura. laura.aurora you're supporting local people as well. it helps the state of illinois. >> my mom did it too. she put it in the sink overnight. thaw it in you refrigeratorsr. . it could take up to two days. do not rinse the turkey out in your sink. if there is salmonella present, every time he touched that in touch something else. you are splashing in every willhit
12:52 pm
everywhere. 1 >>the white meat always gets done first. it tends to be dry. the legs cook faster or slower. put an ice pack on top of the turkey before putting it in the oven. they cook more evenly. >>in terms of timing. >>stuffed or not it will take another 20-30 minutes to cook. a turkey this size, 3 hours. sometimes earlier. they cook
12:53 pm
fast. what is the ideal temperature. i put mine in the thickest part of the thigh. you see how the meat is pulled back. that is a good indication that it is done. let it sit for maybe 20 minutes. if you can >>i am always worried about it drying outl >> for smaller crowds we smoked turkey breast on a grill. it is perfect for about six-seven people. most people like the white meat anyway. it is healthier than the dark meat.
12:54 pm
>> roasted duck for two-three people is perfect. something else we do, we make a turducken roll. >> three different needs. the turkey, duck, chicken. moving down the line, a pork roast. you can see that we have it stuffed with apricots prunes. it has been simmered in wine. it is
12:55 pm
probably the most delicious thing you could probably pick. super tender. for 25 of and for about 30-40 minutes. >> some great ideas for some extras. >> happy thanksgiving. dave zier, thanks so much for joining us. for more thanksgiving menu ideas check out ziers prime meats into learn more go to ziers prime dot com. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked in the total of all wars including the american revolution, war of 1812, indian wars, mexican war, civil war spanish american,ww1,ww2, korea, vietnam and the gulf war approximately how many americans served? a. 52 million b. 42 million c. 35 million the answer: b. 42 million. >> a lot of sacrifice. >> we are finally getting a taste of november. it is cold today. it will not last. it is going to warm up.
12:59 pm
>>19 is our windchill. single digit eiwind chills up north. wind gusts to 31 mph in some locations. we have a sustained wind at double digits at ohare. we have a cold night on the way. the frontal system departing. our next chance of rain is in the form of a spotty showers wednesday. that

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